Saga-pc XL

Saga-pc XL Saga-pc XL Features


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  • Noise attenuation 34 dB peak
  • Heat load up to 250 Watts @ Δt = 25°K
  • Defined values for noise attenuation and temperature control
  • Standard color – light grey RAL 7035,  Other RAL colors available,  2-K spray painting
  • External dimensions – 360X900X775 (width/height/depth)
  • Internal dimensions - Usable width 265mm, height 700mm, depth 620mm
  • GK 25 achievable


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Product comparison

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Model Head load Noise attenuation HU
Saga-mini 400 W 44 dB 11
Saga-pc 250 W 34 dB
Saga-pc XL 250 W 34 dB


Saga-PC XL reduces the development of noise from instruments extremely well, to the point where the requirements of workplace rule (GK 15/DIN 15996) can be achieved depending on the source of the generated noise.

With Saga-PC XL, one can install noise intensive instruments, PC workstations, computers or switches in direct proximity to the work place.

The noise difference with Saga-PC XL corresponds to a hearing distance of 50 centimeters to more than 15 meters (instrument in the cabinet compared to free-standing). Saga-PC XL saves costly installation of instruments in other rooms, as well as long cable channels. Saga-PC XL has a cleverly designed fan system which allows high heat loads to be used depending on the room temperature. The fan noise falls short of GK 15.

The equipment is always in view through the generously large glass door. Saga-PC XL is delivered completely assembled. The cable exit port is below and to the rear so the cables lay out of sight in the back. Air intake and exhaust are in the rear. Cable hook-up is accessible through the generously proportioned rear door. Front and rear doors are finished and protected with press-on veneer, resulting in no protruding parts.

With Saga-PC XL the IRT developed a cabinet with special noise attenuating parameters. Saga-PC XL reduces emitted disturbing noise up to 34 dB at peak.

The noise attenuating parameters were targeted on the sound spectrum and designed for sensitive hearing conditions. The noise attenuation works in all directions. Saga-PC XL, with a typical PC installed, produced an analysis under DIN 45631 (Zwicker-method) of a decrease of experienced noise to the 29th part, compared to a free-standing computer, and was very close to the auditory threshold.

As a practical matter, such a disturbingly loud sound source, for instance a workstation, is found to be quieter than other in the realm of dominant noises. In addition to complying with the requirements of workplace rules – those of the EU as well – a considerably higher level of concentration by the working person is achieved.

With Saga-PC XL, PC’s can be installed at editing workplaces, MIDI production studios, and video editing stations without noise distraction. Saga-PC XL has a high performance fan at its disposal, which results in outstanding heat dissipation. With a room temperature of 22° C, and allowable operating temperature of installed instruments of 40° C, approximately 200 Watts of heat loss is achieved. With such results you can also safely operate computers with 400-Watt network adapters.

DBGM notice – Technical data and details are subject to change without prior notification.