Saga-maxi V3

Saga-maxi V3 Saga-maxi V3 Features


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  • Noise reduction up to 41 dB
  • Defined values for noise reduction and temperature control
  • 19” system, fast installation, tempered glass door
  • Full choice of interior design, extensive accessories
  • Colors: Sides and interior, light grey RAL9002, doors, greyish white RAL9010
  • Exterior dimensions 800 x 2150 x 800 mm
  • Usable height 34 HU
  • LED Display for temperatur, running parameters and occurring disturbances


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Extensive accessories available, including Programmer, GPI-Box, 232-Box, axel and castor rollers, equipment supports, telescoping pull-out hardware, cable fasteners, etc.

Accessories List


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Product comparison

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Model Head load Noise attenuation HU
Saga-midi 1,1 kW 47 dB 18
Saga-midi XL 1,1 kW 47 dB 32
Saga-midi XXL 1,1 kW 47 dB 37
Saga-maxi V3 0,8 kW 41 dB 34
Saga-maxi plus V3 1,2 kW 41 dB 34
Saga-klima mk II ca. 2kW 47 dB 40
Saga-klima plus mk II bis 3kW 47 dB 40


Saga-maxi V3 lowers the noise emanating from any installed equipment extremely well, to the point where the requirements of workplace regulation (GK 20/DIN 15996) are properly complied with. The noise difference with Saga-maxi V3, compared to an instrument in the open, corresponds to a hearing distance of 50 centimeters (with Saga-maxi V3) to more than 25 meters (instrument in the open). This is accomplished by Saga-maxi V3 without the use of a fan.

With Saga-maxi V3 computer installations, harddisk work stations, or noise intensive equipment may be situated in close proximity to the work place. Saga-maxi V3 saves costly installation of equipment in other rooms, as well as the use of long cable channels. Cable exit ports are at the top and bottom, allowing cables to be routed to the back or laid in the side cavities of the cabinet.

The equipment is always in view through the generously large tempered glass door.

Saga-maxi V3 is insensitive to age, looks good, and withstands the passage of time through its practical construction. Extensive accessories are available, including axel and castor rollers, equipment supports, telescoping pull-out hardware, cable fasteners etc. Saga-maxi V3 is delivered fully assembled. Mounting hardware and load bearing rails are included.
Saga-maxi V3 was developed together with the IRT as a cabinet with special noise attenuation parameters and ultra quiet ventilation. Saga-maxi V3 reduces emitted disturbing noise up to 41 dB at peak. The parameters for noise attenuation were targeted at the sound spectrum and designed for sensitive hearing conditions. The attenuation of noise works equally well in all directions.

With Saga-midi installed in a typical TV cutout, the analysis pursuant to DIN 45631 (Zwicker-Verfahren) results in a decrease in experienced loudness to the 30thlevel when compared with an open installation. In practice, even a disturbingly noisy source, for example a workstation, sounds quieter than the others in the range of predominant sounds.

Besides being acceptable vis-à-vis workplace requirements-including those of the EU-a considerably higher concentration level is achieved by the working person.
Saga-maxi V3 comes without an added fan. With a room temperature of 22° C and allowable workstation operating temperature of 40° C the dissipation of approximately 800 Watts can be achieved. That corresponds to two very well equipped computer installations.

Naturally, Saga-maxi V3 can be connected to a space cooling system. For this we deliver construction suggestions and to-scale sketches.

For heavier thermal loads, or installations in higher room temperatures, the actively cooled Saga-maxi plus V3 or the Saga-klima mk II is recommended.

Naturally, in answer to questions about all our products, you receive detailed technical drawings and competent advice.

DBGM notice – Technical data and details are subject to change without prior notification.