Saga-klima mk II

Saga-klima mk II Saga-klima mk II Features


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  • Noise reduction up to 47 dB
  • Heat load up to 2 kWh (depending on the coolant)
  • No surrounding heat emissions
  • Defined values for noise reduction and temperature control
  • 19" system, fast installation, tempered glass door
  • Full choice of interior design, extensive accessories
  • Colors: Sides and interior, light grey (RAL7035), doors, greyish white (RAL9002)
  • Exterior dimensions 800X2120X800mm
  • Usable height 40 HE, of which 4 HE are in a restricted depth area


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  • 2 air/water heat exchangers
  • 2 cool air circuits, symmetrically arranged
  • 2 high performance, long life fans
  • LED display for temperature, operating parameters and faults
  • Damage from moisture
  • Damage from excessive temperature
  • Acoustical alarm in the event of damage
  • Switch for optional servovalves in cold water system
  • Data output for RS232

Extensive accessories available, including Programmer, GPI-Box, 232-Box, axel and castor rollers, equipment supports, telescoping pull-out hardware, cable fasteners, etc.

Accessories List


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Product comparison

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Model Head load Noise attenuation HU
Saga-midi 1,1 kW 47 dB 18
Saga-midi XL 1,1 kW 47 dB 32
Saga-midi XXL 1,1 kW 47 dB 37
Saga-maxi V3 0,8 kW 41 dB 34
Saga-maxi plus V3 1,2 kW 41 dB 34
Saga-klima mk II ca. 2kW 47 dB 40
Saga-klima plus mk II bis 3kW 47 dB 40


Saga-klima mk II and Saga-klima plus mk II are the absolute superstars of the SAGA series. The development of noise by an installed instrument is attenuated to the extreme. The strict boundary curve of GK 15/DIN 15996 can be attained. As a result, the workplace rules are easily complied with.

The noise difference with Saga-klima mk II corresponds to a hearing distance of 50 centimeters to more than 25 meters (instrument in the open compared to one enclosed in the cabinet).
Saga-klima mk II contributes no heat to the room temperature. The heat load of the instrument is carried away by air and water heat exchangers. The room temperature remains undisturbed.

The exhausting of generated heat load is generously calculated. The internal high performance fans are temperature controlled.

Dissipation of heat with cold water is clearly more efficient than by the use of common A/C split cooler systems.

Installation is simple and cost effective. No condensation is formed. Lines and cabinet remain dry.

The cooling compartment in Saga-klima mk II and Saga-klima plus mk II is closed off from the instrument compartment. As a result, the operation of instruments in Saga-klima mk II and Saga-klima plus mk II are absolutely protected from moisture.

With Saga-klima mk II, workstations, computer installations or other noise-and heat-intensive instruments can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. As a result, Saga-klima mk II saves costly installation of instruments in other rooms, as well as long cable channels.

The equipment is always in view through the generously large tempered glass door. Saga-klima mk II is not sensitive to age, looks good, and withstands the passage of time through its practical construction.

Saga-klima mk II and Saga-klima plus mk II have modular construction. All electrical and electronic components may be easily replaced without special tools. If necessary, this can be done during operations.
Extensive system accessories are available, including equipment supports, telescoping pull-out hardware, cable fasteners, etc. In the event cold water is not available, we are pleased to offer the appropriate cold water kit.

The cable exit port is at the bottom as is the water connection. Drawings with measurements are available. For system requirements for Saga-klima mk II and Saga-klima plus mk II please refer to the data sheet. Naturally, in answer to questions about all our products you receive detailed technical drawings and competent advice.

DGBM notice – Technical data and details are subject to change without prior notification.