About SAGA maxi GmbH


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SAGA maxi GmbH manufactures the SAGA line of noise attenuating equipment cabinets which are unsurpassed in the world and are made available world-wide by various business partners.

As product specialists for equipping professional facilities, we also provide furniture and other products for studios, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public companies and industry.

We help our customers achieve a people friendly work environment and optimize production processes. That is the declared goal of SAGA maxi GmbH. Therefore, research, development, know-how and planning for the future are all aligned toward that goal.

The SAGA brand stands for innovative, high value products that are world class.

Our employees bring their commitment and long-term experience to bear every day. They guarantee lasting quality and satisfaction to our customers. Not only are they relevant to the success of our enterprise, they are the most important aspect of it.

Our company’s culture is an example of respectful cooperation. Equal opportunity, tolerance, non-discrimination, and honest dealing all belong to our basic values. Our customers gain from our efforts to make consistent advances in our performance.

We take our responsibility toward the environment and society very seriously. For that reason, SAGA maxi GmbH develops and builds the most efficient and environmentally protective system solutions, in order to protect our resources as well as the health and quality of life of users and employees. On principle, questionable materials are not used in our processes. Taking this responsibility results in guaranteed best quality and many years of facility safety.



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The highest possible customer satisfaction is our absolute goal.

We try to understand the needs and expectations of our customers. The goal of our business, therefore, is to exceed customer expectations, through the use of up to date building materials and craftsman perfection.

Our methods are confirmed by customer satisfaction and long-lasting customer relationships. At the same time, this assures our future success. Through cost-, technology-, and innovation-leadership we want to steadily increase our advantage over our competition.

Openness, honesty, fairness, determination, and concentration on our areas of competence all shape our business culture. On this basis we plan our daily activities together with our employees, customers and partners.


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SAGA maxi GmbH developed as the logical consequence of the Studio Construction Department of Analog Audio GmbH and generations-old craftsman shops. Already since 1995, SAGA maxi GmbH as been building elements for space acoustics, studio furniture, and sound-proof switch enclosures.

After the complete takeover from the shareholders of Analog Audio GmbH of what was previously run as a cabinet-maker’s shop, SAGA maxi GmbH has now the look of a modernly equipped production facility.